These New ‘Unlonely’ Posters Are Unbelievably Cool

You know how in the lead-up to the release of major blockbuster movies, studios often release sets of character posters that show off the star-studded casts they’ve assembled? Well, Rinikulous Games have co-opted the idea for their eagerly anticipated third title, Unlonely.

Over the past few days, Rinikulous Games’ Founder/Creative Director, Nik Mihaylov, has slowly been unveiling a series of movie poster-style promotional art works via Twitter, each of which puts one of the game’s eight worlds front and center. And wow, these pieces are so beautiful and professionally put together that they wouldn’t seem out of place on a gigantic billboard or hanging in the foyer of a movie theater!

The worlds that have gotten their own posters so far are as follows: ZINE, a chilly ice planet inspired by this very site; HANGO, a purple and blue-hued sphere styled after IndieHangover; AKDIA, a very Mike Brown-ish hunk of space rock; and GAMI, a glowing green globe modelled on GameSkinny. Check them out below, and I’ll update this post once the rest are made available. Update: Added ZILLA, DOOMA and LAPADO’s posters.








As a quick refresher, Unlonely is a pseudo-sequel to Rinikulous Games’ debut title, Lonely Sun, that features worlds inspired by and styled after a number of indie-friendly review sites and influential mobile gaming pundits. The lineup of people involved in the game has grown quite a bit since I last wrote about it, so here’s the updated list: iFanzine (that’s us!), GameSkinny, Indie Game Launchpad, Snapzilla, IndieHangover, Jupiter Hadley, Mike Brown, and Glen Forbes (aka Doomfan).