Think You’ve Got Rhythm? Put It to the Test With ‘Party Gods’

It’s been many a year since I’ve been at a rave, but Chopsticks Games‘ upcoming electronic dance music game Party Gods — which I’ve spent some pre-release hands-on time with — transported me back to those heady days of my youth, when I would stake out a spot on the dance floor and writhe around dementedly until the effects of whatever alcoholic beverages I’d downed beforehand wore off. Ah, memories.

In Party Gods, you play as a trio of literal party animals (a rhino, a bear, and a bull) who must defend their dancing spots from an invading army of raving rabbits. The aim of the game is to tap on bunnies in time with the beat to squish ’em before they reach the center of the screen, where your chosen character is busy busting moves. Sounds fairly easy, right?


Nope. I won’t lie. Party Gods is hellishly difficult to begin with, but once you get into its groove, it proves to be an enjoyably frenetic and enormously addictive affair. The combination of challenging gameplay, neon infused visuals, and a dozen or so incredibly funky original dance tracks to try and master makes for a really fun time. All in all, I’d say anyone with even the slightest interest in rhythm games or EDM should definitely keep an eye out for this one.

Party Gods is already available on the Windows Phone Store (priced at $1.99), where it’s been getting a pretty rapturous response and some great reviews from players. My favorite and the closest to my personal experience reads as follows: “Addictive! Great beats! At first I hated it, but that’s because I have no rhythm. Definitely the type of game to get hooked on!”

If you’re an iOS gamer and this sounds like your kind of jam, the 10th of December is the date to mark in your calendar because that’s when Party Gods is due to dance onto the App Store. In the meantime, I recommend dropping by Party Gods’ official site, where you can get some background on the game’s (utterly crazy) story and characters, and check out loads more videos of it in action.