Third and Final Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Monster Collecting RPG ‘EvoCreo’


I honestly can’t remember there ever before existing a time where a project returned to Kickstarter for a third round of fundraising, meaning that Eric Behbahani’s EvoCreo may well be the first to accomplish such a feat. Now one might be inclined to believe that something of a fishy nature was taking place, but EvoCreo’s constantly updating — and freely available — Public Beta can thankfully attest to the very real effort that this project has already received. Instead, the matter bringing EvoCreo once more to Kickstarter’s front door is Eric Behbahani’s final attempt to ensure that his Pokémon inspired product becomes one of the prettiest iOS games ever produced.

4eb8fe3ed66d8913db24cf3b95c0c1d8_largeWhere as the first successful Kickstarter was launched to finance the project’s programming and basic assets, and the second to add additional music and environmental tilesets, this final Kickstarter is to bring complex animations to all of the game’s sprites. EvoCreo — as it currently stands — features almost predominantly static images, in much the same way that all of the early Pokémon titles were also comprised entirely of static sprites. While EvoCreo is virtually ready to go straight to the presses, Eric Behbahani has recently shown people a sampling of just how much more amazing his project would look if it were to be elevated to the next level via fully animated sprites.

However — in order for the project to reach the next plateau of visual bliss — Eric Behbahani is going to need an additional $6,000 to cover the artwork commission fees, of which nearly a fourth has already been secured. While freshly interested backers can secure a launch day copy for a mere $5, those who previously aided EvoCreo can opt to receive a massive in-game starter gear package for the same pledge amount. Meanwhile, extra generous backers — thanks to this additional Kickstarter run — have one final chance to receive rewards such as: a uniquely colored starting team of Creos, the opportunity to help create an NPC trainer, and even the chance to help design a capturable Creo.

Those interested in helping EvoCreo to become the best looking Pokémon inspired title ever made, as well as previous backers interested in the new starting gear package, should all keep in mind that this final fundraiser has been set to end on March 7th.