Cover picture from This Is (NOT!) A Car Club's first episode is pixel art of one of the scenes from the episode. A large START button in the centre obscures the background, which is an orange-hued sunset sitting atop trees and a grey surface. The game title is in the top left corner and looks to be drawn by a hand and pen. In the bottom left corner is a pixel bust shot of one of the game's characters.

This Is (NOT!) A Car Club’s Second Episode Is Styled Like 1993 DOOM But Weird!

The mobile comic adventure game This Is (NOT!) A Car Club has just released its second episode. Developer kbrecordzz calls the game a comedy bonanza and plans on releasing one new episode every month, like a TV series but in game format.

kbrecordzz initially set out to develop a game like Pokemon for the 2020s. However, he soon ended up with this indie release, which is still technically “underground”. His racing RPG is about a group of loonies running a car club until an evil cat becomes a threat to their friendship by wanting to replace all car traffic with maglev trains. This Is (NOT!) A Car Club features unique pixel art that is almost akin to the classic 1993 Doom games.

The game is fun for players to carry around in their pockets and simply jump back into whenever they feel like it. You can try Episode 2 titled “It’s illegal to drive without a driver’s license” by clicking here.

The Mechanisms of This Is (NOT!) A Car Club

This Is (NOT!) A Car Club is a new indie game that presents itself in multiple episodes. Progress in each episode saves automatically on the web browser so players don’t need to do anything special to track their advancement in the game.

However, if they wish to continue playing on a different web browser without losing any progress, they would have to click on the “?” button inside the game and copy the link that’s in there. And if they want to restart the game from the very beginning, they can do so by clicking right here!

Speaking of the game, kbrecordzz described it as a dark and heavy emotional journey. Even though This Is (NOT!) A Car Club is still in the making, you can play the two episodes it has released so far.

Offerings by kbrecordzz

The developer encourages players to frequently check in on the game, promising improved appearance and performance at any time in the near or far future.

He is even offering some excellent resources on the game’s website for everyone to use in their own projects. These include images and sounds that he has employed in This Is (NOT!) A Car Club. Presently, some of the rights are yet to be cleared but kbrecordzz has essentially allowed one and all to “use all my material without consequences!”

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