This Live-Action Trailer for ‘Stronghold Kingdoms’ Is Hilarious

Firefly Studios’ Stronghold Kingdoms: Feudal Warfare, the mobile spin-off of their popular PC and Mac MMO strategy game, finally arrived on the App Store a few days ago. And to celebrate its release, the folks at Firefly have put together a rather unconventional live-action trailer that emphasizes how handy and convenient Stronghold Kingdoms‘ newfound portability is. It’s hilarious. Check it out:

The above trailer is made even funnier by the fact that, rather than a professional actor, the poor chap encased inside the clunky suit of armor is actually Nick Tannahill, Firefly Studios’ Marketing Manager. Now that’s what I call job dedication! Here’s Nick reminiscing about his role in the ad: “A live action trailer seemed like a good idea at the time, but by day three the armor was like my body’s own private sauna. Acting has never really been a strong suit so I can only apologize for my performance, but that shouldn’t take away from the message of William’s noble journey.”

Download Stronghold Kingdoms: Feudal Warfare from the App Store.