This War of Mine is Just $1.99 on the App Store Right Now

This War of Mine is a harrowing and heart-wrenching game that takes a look at the side of war most games ignore. Instead of being an armed-to-the-teeth agent of slaughter, you’re a normal person trying to survive amidst the horrors of conflict. You need to eat, rest and heal yourself, and all of that is easier said than done.

You’ll need to make forays into the blasted city to find food, medicine and other necessities. But there are soldiers and other armed groups who will shoot first and never ask questions, as well as other survivors who won’t take kindly to you encroaching on their turf.

The game mixes together ideas from the survival and management genres and throws in some tactics to boot. It’s tough in pretty much all of the ways that word can be used. There are moments here that will leave you with your heart in your mouth.

Normally This War of Mine would set you back $13.99. Right now, though, it’s just $1.99. That’s a ridiculous saving for what amounts to one of the best games you can play on mobile. If you haven’t played the game yet, then we highly recommend that you pick it up right now.

Click here and you can grab This War of Mine from the App Store for that incredible price. And be prepared for one of the most harrowing, deeply moving games you’ve ever experience.