‘Pinstripe’ Is Hugely Bizarre and Beautiful as Hell

Thomas Brush — previously known for Newgrounds’ Coma and Skinny — has spent the last three years of his life toiling away on Pinstripe, the atmospheric platforming-adventure about an ex-minister journeying through Hell in order to save his abducted daughter. Teddy — the minister whom is now desperately searching across Hell for his daughter — is soon joined by George, a small puppy the man had back when he used to be a child. Together with George’s help — alongside the power of a trusty shotgun — Teddy will have to tackle bizarre puzzles, defeat strange monsters, and converse with a wide-ranging cast of unique hellish denizens. All this must be done if Teddy ever hopes to fully plumb the depths of this frozen wasteland known as Hell, where a mysterious being — introducing himself as none other than God — proclaims to have hidden away Teddy’s daughter: Bo.

Whereas Thomas’s previous games — both of which received praise for their mixture of visuals, music, and game play — were produced while he was at college, work on Pinstripe has been much slower due to constant time spent taking on freelance projects. As a result — after much hesitation — he eventually approached Kickstarter with a humble request for $28,000 in additional development funds, so that the could hopefully finish Pinstripe’s development sometime during 2016. To say his Kickstarter has been going fairly well would be something of an understatement, considering that — with twenty days remaining — he’s already secured over $70k towards Pinstripe’s expedited development!

So — with Pinstripe already well on its way towards getting made — you might wonder what we’re currently here to discuss, and the answer to that would be: stretch goal funding. Already additional levels — a remixed new-game plus — and even full-on voice acting for everyone in Hell has been fully secured, but there’s still one particular stretch goal remaining of particular interest. Although Pinstripe’s already assured to arrive on PCs everywhere — via the Steam marketplace — Thomas Brush’s latest could soon be on mobile as well, at least so long as the game successfully reaches its $75k stretch goal.

Currently those interested in helping Pinstripe to reach mobile devices everywhere can secure their very own PC launch day copy for just $15, as well as access to the game’s special backer-only forums. Meanwhile — for those extra dedicated to exploring every last inch of Hell — additional rewards include: your name in the game’s credits, a copy of Pinstripe’s haunting soundtrack, hand-signed postcards, alongside various other rewards! However, should you now find yourself moved by either this — or any other stretch goals further down the road — be sure to have your donations properly chipped in before March 17th rolls around (as that’s when Teddy is debarking for Hell with or without your help).