Thomas Neptune’s Adorable Looking Endless Runner ‘Jumpie’ Frolics onto Kickstarter


Thomas Neptune — a man with a “stellar” last name — recently decided that the world clearly needed yet another endless runner, and thus it was that he envisioned the saga of a box-shaped cat named: Boxcat. In Jumpie — of which PC users can currently sample a free demo — players take control of the cute Boxcat, while trying to see just how long they can keep him from slamming into oncoming obstacles. While the project has been shaping up so far — with Thomas Neptune currently estimating Jumpie to be about 95% complete — he lacks the funds needed to cover mobile release fees, or to set up a highscore list sever.

3082a60ea49b4115f436a5a0f1ef5a62_largeTo this end he recently launched a Kickstarter asking for $300 in capital, which is the amount he’d need to both release the game on Google Play and establish a highscore list server. Furthermore, the game will also be released on the iTunes Marketplace — complete with additional playable characters, hats, and power ups — should the project’s $600 stretch goal be achieved. Considering that Jumpie has already raised a grand total of $251, with a staggering 22 days still remaining, the odds of all these things happening definitely seem to be fairly likely.

While there are currently no reward tiers that offer a release copy of Jumpie on mobile platforms, those whom generously aid this project will still receive rewards such as: being listed in the game’s credits, an official backer’s pin, and also the chance to help design obstacles/hats/power-ups/alternate characters. However, I must be sure to properly point out that — other than the official backer’s pin and credits listing — none of these rewards will happen unless the $600 stretch goal is reached. Anyways, those hoping to keep the cute Boxcat eternally frolicking — or perhaps just aiming to impact the game’s design — should remember that Jumpie’s Kickstarter will be closing on March 20th.