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Three Minutes To Eight, A Mind-Bending Time Loop Title Is Out On iOS!

Three Minutes To Eight has dropped on iOS today. A sci-fi mystery puzzler, it’s set to give you a run for our brain cells! Priced at $4.99, the point-and-click game is quirky, mind-bending and surreal. Want to know more about the gameplay? Keep reading!

You’re Dead Already!

Yes, you’re dead, or rather, you’re about to be. It’s your job to figure out how and who killed you. Watched Happy Death Day or any other time loop movie? It’s similar to those. You have a limited time to figure out things, make decisions and interact with others. And if you fail this time? Find yourself un-dead again tomorrow!

Three Minutes To Eight has stunning pixelated visuals such as neon-lit cityscapes and a dreamy blend of 2D and 3D art. They’re easy on the eyes and perfect for those quasi-sci-fi feels. However, the map is a bit limited and doesn’t allow you to explore much. The game is fully voice-acted and has a nice atmospheric soundtrack, too. Take a look at the trailer of the game below:

Did The Clock Strike 7:57?

The plot is set in the future. The main character is a guy who doesn’t remember himself any more. He finds himself in an apartment and messages are thrown to him that he needs to save the world! Now, as the guy, you’re constantly facing all these crazy death scenarios. Some of them include a toilet falling from space, getting shot by a random stranger, or getting electrocuted. You’ve only got 24 minutes before the whole cycle resets.

Time only ticks away when you move between rooms or do specific things, like lighting up a smoke. So you need to be strategic to survive. When you bite the dust, you come back, but with all your memories intact from previous loops. Plus, you’re collecting items along the way, building up this crazy inventory.

The storyline of Three Minutes To Eight is a complex web of ethics, virtues and ideologies. If you’re into open-ended tales with interpretative endings, you’ll love this psychotropic adventure. So, go ahead and get it from the App Store.

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