Three New Games Hit Apple Arcade Over the Weekend

It’s been a bumper weekend for Apple Arcade, with three awesome new games landing on Apple’s gaming subscription service. What are they? Should you play them? Are any of them Angry Birds? Read on and you’ll find out.

The most exciting of the new games is Alto’s Odyssey; The Lost City. It’s the latest in the llama-chasing snow-and-sand-boarding series and it’s really awesome. Let’s take a moment and watch a trailer for it.

Elsewhere, there is a new Angry Birds game. Well, it’s sort of new. It’s a rejigged version of the original game with some new ideas thrown in over the top. Angry Birds games are still a lot of fun, especially when you don’t have to deal with IAPs and pay-gates. Here’s a trailer.

Last but not least, there’s a new Doodle God game too. It’s called Doodle God Universe and sees you combining elements to build and expand a 3D world. It’s a similar mix of classic gameplay and modern twists and it’s loads of fun.

So there you go, three new awesome games that you could be playing right now if you had an Apple Arcade subscription. Yet more proof that Apple Arcade is pretty much the best thing about mobile gaming right now.