Three Professor Layton Games on Sale on the App Store

Fancy spending your weekend solving some tricksy, puzzling crimes? Don’t want to spend a colossal amount of money to do it? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Why? Because right now there are three Professor Layton games on sale on the App Store.

For the next month you’re going to be able to save a couple of bucks on some of the very best twee puzzlers that the world has ever seen. There are top hats! Mysterious boxes! Potential time travel! A hamster.

Before we get to the links – fret ye not, they’re coming – here’s a trailer for one of the games so you can get yourself into the right mood.

Yeah, we enjoyed that. Okay, get ready for some links. Click on the names of the games to head to the App Store and buy the games right this second.

So there you go. A bunch of awesome games for not as much money as you’d normally spend on them. What a time to be alive.