Thumpies – Review

Freaks or cuties? Chances are if you, like me, find the titular stars of Big Blue Bubble’s latest utterly adorable, you’re also going to fall head over heels for the rest of the game’s unique charm.

All I know is I want one. But then again I did devour an unhealthy amount of Maurice Sendak as a child, what’s your excuse? Freak.

Only joking, because Thumpies is incredibly lovable. While the outlandish eye-candy and catchy tunes may be the hook, it’s the slick and addictive gameplay that’ll keep you bouncing back for more.

Honestly this game is like a great song you can’t get out of your head, playing it soon becomes an obsession.

Things start out quite easy, allowing you get to grips with the game’s juggle your gurning orbs in time to the music mechanic, but get progressively wilder in later levels as multiple Thumpies are dropped into the mix.


Basically what you’ve got to do is tap the musical mushrooms and tree-stump drums as the Thumpies drop from the sky and hit them, the beats produced then gradually building into a song. These songs are broken up into sections and filling the “Thump’o’meter” at the top of the screen allows you to move onto the next portion.

Each level/song is increasingly more difficult to master, so a sense of rhythm and fast reflexes are required. While the task of catching the butterflies (before the Thumpies munch them!) that flutter around the vibrant environments adds an extra layer of difficulty to the proceedings. That said, the contagious sense of fun generally outweighs any frustration over missed beats.

As you unlock new stages you work your way up the Tim Burton-esque twisty tree. Go through the little door at the bottom and you can exchange butterflies for new Thumpies, this collect them all dynamic soon becoming strangely addictive, believe me!

With 3 difficulty levels to master, 15 songs to beat and 18 Thumpies to collect, the game will undoubtedly enthrall gamers of all ages until the end. A stunningly original rhythm based music game that turns the genre on its head.

iFanzine Verdict: Big Blue Bubble juggle addictive gameplay, toe-tapping tunes and sumptuous visuals with amazing results! Thumpies is funky fun for all the family.
Score: 8 out of 10