Tiki Totems 2 Review

App-ease the gods!

Despite the original Tiki Totem’s status as something of physics-based puzzle titan on the App Store, selling a staggering 2.5 million copies to date and being held in revere by iCritics everywhere, would you believe I haven’t actually played it yet?!. Sacrilege, I know, so I jumped at the chance to get to grips with Spokko Games’ eagerly anticipated sequel.

Thankfully, Tiki Totems 2 (out now, $0.99) begins with a “prologue” designed to introduce new players to the game’s tropically-themed, Jenga-esque concept. At the outset of each level the player is presented with a tiki idol precariously balanced atop a pile of blocks. What you’ve got to do is carefully remove a set number of said blocks with taps of your finger. Easy does it though, because should the statue topple and touch the ground, you’ll anger the island gods, and they’ll trigger a volcano, wiping out every last one of the adorable little tribespeople who live there.

No pressure then!. Puzzles start out quite easy, and Spokko take their time in introducing a variety of different block types which further impact on the gameplay. As you work your way through levels, tentatively dismantling structures, you’ll have to figure out how best to deal with glass blocks, Tetris style magical blocks, bombs, and more, not to mention ever more complex mounds of junk and the tricky little devil that is the circular tiki.

In addition to the hugely compelling and addictive main game, there are also two more mind-bending modes – ‘Altar’ and ‘Love’, each of which put a wildly different spin on the core mechanic – and a remarkably fully-featured in-game level editor included. So should you (eventually) tire of what the developers have provided, you can always fire up the ol’ editor and try your hand at creating your own puzzles.

Tiki Totems 2 is without a doubt one of the most engrossing physics-based puzzle games to hit the App Store in ages. It looks utterly gorgeous (doubly so on a retina display apparently) and plays like a dream. Notable extras include a brilliant digital comic and Game Center integration, while Spokko have also promised more levels, both developer and fan-made, by way of free updates. In short, a heavenly package.

iFanzine Verdict: Thunk! – that’s the sound of this reviewer dropping to his knees to worship Tiki Totems 2 as their new favorite physics puzzler. The 3 modes on offer are incredibly addictive, while the well implemented level creator ensures the game has almost infinite potential for fun. I can see myself playing this little gem religiously for a long while to come.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]