Tiny Owls Review

You know the old saying, “wise as an owl”? Well, apparently it’s not always true! Indie studio games2be’s latest title stars a scatterbrained mother owl who has somehow managed to mislay every last one of her cute little owlets. So, of course, it’s up to you to swoop and soar through a series of hazard-strewn, maze-like levels in a bid to rescue all these Tiny Owls (Out Now, $0.99).

From the colorful pseudo-3D graphics to the intuitive tap and tilt controls, pretty much everything about Tiny Owls has been unabashedly geared toward a young audience. Just because games2be have kept things as pick-up-and-play friendly and simple as possible doesn’t mean that Tiny Owls isn’t still a whole lot of fun and surprisingly challenging in places, though!

Each of the game’s 60-odd stages sees you traversing a topsy-turvy environment, tasked with tracking down a set number of lost chicks and then escorting them safely to the exit. As you navigate the narrow, twisting confines of caves and canyons, tentatively tapping the touchscreen to fly upwards and tilting your device to steer left and right, you must take care not to accidentally glance against the walls (which will break your fragile wings) or run afoul of various “monsters” like angry bees, over-sized crustaceans and hungry piranhas.

The game’s initial couple of level sets are unlikely to challenge you too severely but, as mentioned, Tiny Owls does possess a decently challenging difficulty curve, with stages gradually getting larger and more complex as you progress through the game. And trust me, before too long it takes a considerable amount of concentration and some skillful flying to reach the end of each unscathed!

While it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, Tiny Owls’ combination of imaginatively designed levels, lush visuals and well-balanced gameplay will keep younger glued to their iDevices for the duration of this quirky adventure. Recommended.

iFanzine Verdict: Hardcore gamers need not apply, but kids and casual gamers alike will have an absolute hoot with Tiny Owls.