Featured Image for our news on Tiny WIngs. It features a screenshot of the gameplay where the bird is making its way through a tunnel in a colourful hill.

Tiny Wings Is Getting An Update After Two Years!

Remember Tiny Wings? Yes, the chirpy game with the chirpy birds? It’s getting an update, Version 2.4, after a long period of two years! The game was launched back in 2011 and has undergone only three major updates until now. Strange, right?

What’s New?

You’ll get over 100 new flashy birds to unlock, 15 cool missions, and a bunch of other nifty features. The birds come in different colours, almost as vibrant as a rainbow! There are 15 new missions to test your skills. The Flight School is getting new AI features, so expect smarter challenges and more dynamic interactions as you explore Tiny Wings.

The last major update was in 2021, when the game celebrated its 10th anniversary. They threw in Manta Island, five snazzy new levels in Flight School, better iPad support, and a bunch of tweaks. They also dropped Tiny Wings+ on Apple Arcade, which has more action than its predecessor.

Ever Played Tiny Wings?

If you haven’t Tiny Wings, here’s the lowdown. It’s all about this cute bird with dreams of soaring high. With its small wings, it uses the rolling landscape to gather speed, slide down slopes, and take flight. The goal? Cover as much ground as possible before nightfall, collect coins, and master those hill curves for max scores and speed.

Irrespective of how hard you flap those little wings, the bird can’t stay in the air for long. So, you must continually land and relaunch it in order to keep flying. The terrain is broken up into a series of islands which change in real-time every day. If you‘re yet to play the game, check it out on the App Store!

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