Featured Image for Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition. It features the game logo on top in a burnt golden colour. There is some armour from the game, an axe, a great helm and more.

Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition Is Just Another Addition To The Series

Another edition of Titan Quest is here, apparently the ultimate edition. So, does ultimate mean final? Well, the dictionaries say so, but not sure if the publishers are sticking to that definition! Anyhow, HandyGames is bringing Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition on iOS today. Keep reading to know what’s different this time.

The Ultimate Edition vs The Previous Editions

Titan Quest has four expansions till now, which are Immortal Throne, Ragnarök, Atlantis, and Eternal Embers. The DLC for Eternal Embers, the fourth major expansion, is available as an in-app purchase in Titan Quest HD and Titan Quest: Legendary Edition. On the other hand, Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition includes all four expansions. So, you don’t need to pay anything extra.

Another difference is the price. The latest edition will cost you $24.99 while Titan Quest HD and Titan Quest: Legendary Edition are priced at $0.99 and $19.99 respectively. Ironically, the Eternal Embers DLC can be bought at $4.99 for Titan Quest: Legendary Edition. That’s certainly an easy math!

Eternal Embers

This fourth expansion was released on PC in 2021. It has new regions like ancient China where you get to hack and slash your enemies in classic Titan Quest style. You get to choose between two new abilities which have different active and passive skills based on strength, dexterity and intelligence.

All Things Considered

Basically, HandyGames just packed the old wine in a new bottle. If you already have one of the previous editions on your phone and don’t want to miss out on Eternal Embers either, then buy it at $4.99. If you don’t have any of the Titan Quest games and want to try out a decent RPG, check out Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition on the App Store. On that note, check out our latest story on Honkai Impact 3rd update.