To-Do Adventure Is a Bullet Journal App That Lets You Build a Virtual World

Motivation is everything, and we’re always more motivated when we can see that we’re making progress. To-Do Adventure is a productivity app that will help you keep your motivation sky high, thanks to the miracle of gamification. 

At its most basic level, To-Do Adventure is a simple bullet journal. It lets you create tasks in an infinite variety of different categories, with an infinite variety of different deadlines, attach your own notes, and then work through your list. 

Thanks to a marvellously intuitive, slick interface, To-Do Adventure is a joy to use – but the really cool stuff only happens when you complete a task. 

Every time you tick something off your list, an extra chunk of land is added to a hex-based island that you’re cultivating. These blocks play host to various different features and attractions, and the process of building up your island kingdom is utterly addictive.

The stuff you haven’t done is just as important as the stuff you have. Unfinished tasks are represented by incomplete bridges, half-built waterslides, and so on, giving you a clear, straightforward set of virtual goals to work towards, complementing your real-world goals.

Not only do you get more real estate when you finish a task, but you get coins too, and you can spend these on new themes for your island. To-Do Adventure is constantly flourishing in response to your efforts. 

Created by Fourdesire, whose credits include other life-enhancing apps like Walkr and Plant Nanny, To-Do Adventure is perfect for just about anybody, whether you’re trying to juggle the responsibilities of life during lockdown, renovate your home, study for a law degree, or just be a more efficient and productive person, it will supercharge your progress. 

To-Do Adventure is totally free to download and use, and you can grab it right now on the App Store and Google Play. Follow To-Do Adventure on Instagram and Facebook.

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