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Tokyo Debunker, ZigZaGame’s Upcoming Ghoul Game To Hit iOS Soon!

ZigZaGame is about to roll out its latest simulation game, Tokyo Debunker, for iOS devices. It’s up for pre-registrations on Android devices, so hopefully, it will make its way to the App Store soon. ZigZaGame is the creator of hit games like Evertale and Neo Monster. Want to know more about the game? Keep reading!

What’s Tokyo Debunker About?

It’s an otome game with simulation and adventure set in the bustling streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. You’ll play the big shot manager leading a team of agents on a mission to tackle Nekomata, the villain. The UCRC is on the hunt for folks with the Cronos Gene, leading to ghoul-like transformations.

Now, the plot thickens as you dive into the shoes of a dedicated reporter, inspired by the mysterious disappearance of a younger brother who was a UCRC member. Your investigation is about to blow the lid off secrets, dark dealings at Darkwick Academy and a pact with demons made by your classmates.

More About The Game

In Tokyo Debunker, you’ll be building facilities with the help of adorable cat companions from Darkwick Academy. These cute feline buddies are crucial in solving supernatural cases throughout Tokyo. Flaunt your rhythm game skills while battling against monsters and ghoul classmates.

Tokyo Debunker blends comics and Live 2D animations and has a co-op mode. To know more about the game, head to their official website. Let me tell you here that this game has been in the works for quite some time now. Many players have been eagerly waiting for it since 2019 because of its dark supernatural theme, which looks quite promising.

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