Tom Clancy’s The Division is Coming to Mobile

The title sort of sums this one up pretty nicely. The Division, the loot shooter set after a pandemic has swept through America is set to land on mobile at some point in the future. What’s it going to be like? Well, we don’t really know.

We don’t imagine that it’s going to be the full The Division experience, although it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. In the blog post announcing the mobile version, Ubisoft calls it a “new game” though, which makes us think it’s going to be something different.

It’s going to form part of The Division’s ever growing universe, which also features a new home game, more content for The Division 2 and a Netflix movie. So it’s all systems go over at The Divisio headquarters. That might be a joke, we’re not really sure.

Clancing about

The last Tom Clancy game that came to mobile was a midcore SRPG that saw you building a team of heroes and villains from the Clancy-verse to take on a sinister global threat. It was alright, if you’re into that sort of thing, but we hope The Division Mobile heads down the Call of Duty Mobile route instead.

And that’s about all we know about The Division Mobile right now. We will, of course, keep you updated as and when we hear more. Until then, what do you want The Division Mobile to be? Let us know in the comments, if typing out your thoughts is the kind of thing you enjoy spending your time doing.