‘Top Tank’ Gets Terrific Update, Goes Free-to-Play

Josh Langley and Fun Fetched’s homage to classic arcade side-scrolling shooters, Top Tank, has just been given a huge update. According to the press release we received, fresh content includes six new unlockable tanks, each with their own special perk; a new power-up (intriguingly titled “The Nuclear Option”); two new locales, and two new achievements. As of the update, Top Tank has also gone free-to-play (it was previously priced at $0.99).

Around this time last year, iFanzine’s Clovis L. Dye, Jr. gave the original paid version of the game a 4-star review, saying: Josh Langley’s Top Tank is a simple to play — but difficult to master — game of Risk Vs Reward based scoring that’s sure to keep you coming endlessly back for yet another round of trajectory-based cannon-blasting fun.

Sound like fun to you? Well, you haven’t really got anything to lose by giving Top Tank a download now that it’s totally free to try.

Download Top Tank from the App Store.