Torchlight: Infinite Classes Explained
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All Torchlight: Infinite Classes Explained

In anticipation of the game’s release, you may be looking to have the Torchlight: Infinite classes explained. And that’s what we intend to deliver.

For the uninitiated, Torchlight: Infinite is the latest in the Torchlight ARPG series. It offers players the chance to use a combination of talent and skill trees to create their own unique characters from one of five character classes.

If you aren’t sure which will best suit your preferred playing style, it’s time to read our guide to Torchlight: Infinite classes. Let’s get going.

Torchlight: Infinite Classes Explained

As we mentioned above, five characters are available at launch, with the promise of more to follow. Those characters are the Berserker, the Summoner, the Time Mage, the Elemental Mage, and the Ranged.

Each character brings their own unique skills and abilities, and you may find that one suits you more than another. We’ll look at each in more detail so you can decide for yourself.

Berserker – Rehan

Berserker Rehan - Torchlight: Infinite Classes Explained
Credit: XinDong Entertainment

The Berserker is the melee class character in Torchlight: Infinite, at its best in the thick of close-range combat. He has high offensive and defensive stats. When Rehan reaches level 5, he receives the Hammer of Ash, which fractures the ground and releases lava to devastating effect.

Rehan’s Hero Trait is Rage, generated when attacking or taking damage. When the rage bar is full, Rehan can enter Berserk mode, which gives him enhanced speed and increases damage.

Spacetime Witness – Youga

Spacetime Witness Youga - Torchlight: Infinite Classes Explained
Credit: XinDong Entertainment

Youga is the Time Mage, and he’s a combination of the Commander, due to his ability to summon assistance, and Frostfire, because of his ability to cast spells. Youga will appeal to anyone who likes to utilize environmental magic to deal with AoE damage.

Given his time-based magic, the spells and skills associated with Youga are also time-based. They usually have benefits to allies and can disrupt opponents for a period.

Youga’s Hero Trait is Twisted Spacetime. This allows him to slot energy when consuming mana. The energy is then available to activate additional skills.

Divineshot – Carino

Divineshot Carino
Credit: XinDong Entertainment

The Divineshot class, personified by Carino, is the ranged attacker in Torchlight: Infinite. Carino fights using a variety of weapons, including pistols and bows. You can also add different elements to your ammunition, which is useful when an enemy has a particular elemental weakness.

Divineshot is regarded as the closest character class to a true DPS hero, given his vital attack stats. On the flip side, he isn’t able to withstand a whole lot of damage. So he needs to be played with a fair amount of skill.

Carino’s Hero Trait is Reload, in which projectile skills use ammo but increase the damage caused by the projectile. Carino also earns a speed bonus while reloading.

Commander – Moto

Commander Moto
Credit: XinDong Entertainment

The Commander can also be considered the ‘Pet class’ or ‘Summoner’ in Torchlight: Infinite, with his ability to summon robot warriors to battle. Moto also wields a massive hammer, which means he is effective in both melee combat, and at range.

Moto benefits from the Commander Hero Trait, which allows him to generate an overload effect. In turn, this boosts attack damage and casting speed, plus an additional chance to deal double damage.

Frostfire – Gemma

Frostfire Gemma
Credit: XinDong Entertainment

Last but not least is Frostfire, the equivalent of a mage in other ARPGs. Gemma is a ranged fighter, very effective in dealing AoE damage using a combination of fire and ice attacks.

Her Hero Trait is Frostbitten Heart, which allows her to accumulate Fire and Ice energy. Gemma releases Fire Pulse and Cold Pulse attacks when there’s enough energy, which can be utterly devastating.

Which Is The Best Torchlight Infinite Class?

There isn’t a ‘best’ class, as they are designed to be quite balanced in comparison t one another. A lot will depend on what type of character you enjoy playing with most.

Are you keen to get involved at the heart of the action? The Berserker might suit you best. Or do you prefer to keep your distance? In this case, Frostfire or Divineshot may be perfect for you.

Remember also that every character has a selection of skills and talents that can influence your playing style. It’s possible to play as the same character but have two completely different skill sets.

We hope our guide to Torchlight: Infinite classes have helped you to identify which ones will most appeal to you. When you’re ready, check out our other guides and walkthroughs on iFanzine.