Total War: Medieval II Coming to iOS This Spring

If you’ve got a hankering for some super-deep RTS action, then Feral Interactive has got your back. That’s because it’s just announced that strategy classic Total War: Medieval II is set to launch on the App Store this Spring.

The game sees you building an empire. There are massive battles, diplomacy and subterfuge and settlement building and management here. You can lead the charge, but can you make sure everyone has something to eat as well?

Total War: Medieval II has been given a few upgrades to make sure you’re getting the full experience on touchscreen devices, much like the other games Feral Interactive has ported onto iOS. Here’s a trailer.

It certainly looks the part, right? There’s a meatiness to the experience that plenty of mobile games lack. You’re fighting it out across three different continents, trying to impose your will on a vast swathe of the world of the Middle-Ages.

We don’t have a solid release date for the game yet, but you can bet that when we hear one, you’re going to be the first to hear about it. We expect this will be a premium game, and we also expect it’ll be worth the price.