Touchgrind Scooter Hits 1 Million Download Mark

Touchgrind Scooter launched on the App Store at the start of last month. In the handful of weeks since it’s been out, it’s been downloaded by a million people. That’s so many people. Try and imagine it, we bet you can’t.

The game, which is the latest in the Touchgrind series, sees you pulling off massive tricks on a tiny scooter. It’s got loads of good ideas, it’s loads of fun and it balances out its challenge to keep you playing. Possibly for hours on end.

There are a load of levels to unlock, loads of customization items to stick on your scooter to make it look super cool and multiplayer and single players things for you to get out there and do. Hey, let’s watch a trailer.

The game also features a pretty neat GPS leaderboard feature that shows you how much better you are at the game than the people around you. That’s going to get your smugness levels to brand new heights.

If you’re not one of the million people who’ve already played Touchgrind Scooter, you can click here to download the game from the App Store. We’ve played it, and we can tell you it’s pretty darn great.