The featured image for our Tower Heroes All Eggs guide, featuring characters and eggs from the game gathering on a pathway.

Tower Heroes All Eggs

Struggling with the new Easter Egg Hunt in Tower Heroes? Well worry no more! We’ve created a Tower Heroes All Eggs guide, revealing the locations of every single egg in the game. We’ll detail everything from listing all the eggs, as well as detailing where to find them, along with the method of how to obtain them.

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Tower Heroes All Eggs Guide

There’s a total of 25 different eggs to hunt in the new Tower Heroes Egg Hunt. Below, we’ll list each one, along with how you can acquire them.

  • Slime Egg: When you kill a slime, there’s a 1/100 chance that they’ll drop this egg
  • Goblin Egg: Located on the Goblin map
  • Byte Egg: Located in the lobby area by the leaderboards
  • Dumpster Egg: 10% chance of you acquiring it when you visit the volcano map
  • Egg of Friendship: You’ll acquire this egg when you win a game with a friend
  • 2D Egg: Found in a sticker crate
  • Painted Egg: Found in crates
  • Daily Egg of Quests: Complete all three daily quests
  • Sugar Egg of Lucca: Found within the map
  • Pixel Egg: Given to you by other players
  • Cosmic Egg: 1/100 chance per wave of spawning on nighttime maps such as Alien Attack
  • Lemon Egg: Defeat the Cloudy Chaos Boss
  • Tiny Egg: Complete the pirate panic map
  • Virtual Egg: Complete the virtual mini-game found in the lobby
  • Poltergeist Egg-ception: Found in the growling graveyard – complete the mini-game
  • Hexa-Egg: Go to adventure mode
  • Egg of The Necromancer: Go to adventure mode
  • Speedy Egg: Go to adventure mode
  • Clock Egg: Go to the plant tower on the Clock map
  • Egg of Modification: Complete a game with 5 mods
  • Raid Egg: Complete a raid map
  • Troublemaker Egg: Sabotage another team 10 times in PVP
  • Egg of Impending Doom: Survive past wave 40
  • Egg of Champions: Win a fight in PVP
  • Faberge of Heroes: Awarded once you’ve collected the other 24 eggs