Feature image for our Tower Heroes tier list. It shows several Tower Heroes characters in a garden background.

Tower Heroes Tier List – November 2023

Looking to scope out your tower roster but not sure where to start? We’ve got you, don’t worry. Our Tower Heroes tier list outlines the best of the adorable cast of characters in the Roblox tower defense game.

Tower Heroes is a Roblox game where it’s up to you to form a party from an endearing roster of toony characters to fight off waves of monsters. Place characters along a road to head off the beasties before they get away. Make use of the towers’ different stats and skills, and upgrade them as you go to form a really formidable defense.

Check out the official website to try it out.

Tower Heroes Tier List (2023)

  • S-Tier: Balloon Pal, Branch, Lemonade Cat. Spectre
  • A-Tier: Byte, Discount Dog, Kart Kid, Maitake, Scientist, Sparks Kilowatt, Volt
  • B-Tier: Beebo, Chef, Dumpster Child, Hayes, Hot Dog Frank, Lure, Oddport, Slime King, Soda Pop
  • C-Tier: Beetrice, Bunny, Fracture, Quinn, Stella, Voca
  • D-Tier: Jester, Keith, Wizard

Character List

  • Balloon Pal
  • Beebo
  • Beetrice
  • Branch
  • Bunny
  • Byte
  • Chef
  • Discount Dog
  • Dumpster Child
  • El Goblino
  • Fracture
  • Hayes
  • Hot Dog Frank
  • Jester
  • Kart Kid
  • Keith
  • Lemonade Cat
  • Lure
  • Maitake
  • Oddport
  • Pop
  • Quinn
  • Scientist
  • Slime King
  • Soda
  • Sparks Kilowatt
  • Spectre
  • Stella
  • Voca
  • Volt
  • Wafer
  • Wizard
  • Yasuke

What Do Our Tiers Mean?

S Tier List

The best you can get. Pick over just about everything else. Overpowered and will give you a big edge over the average player.

A Tier List

Decent characters that’ll give you the edge over the average player. Worth keeping around, though S-Tier is a bit better.

B Tier List

Decent enough, basically your average, solid player experience. You’ll do fine, but you’re mostly going to pick them to fill out a party role.

C Tier List

A bit below average. You best try something else unless you have something super specific in mind. There may be some niche uses that redeem it a little.

D Tier List

Don’t even bother. These are useless.

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