Tower of Fantasy v3.6

Get Ready For Talismans And New Maps In Tower of Fantasy v3.6!

Tower of Fantasy v3.6 is set to drop by the end of this month. It’s a special one since there’s a new map and a whole bunch of cool additions. Titled ‘Beyond Horizons’, this new update will drop on January 30th.

It’s Not A Fantasy, It’s Real!

The star of the show in Tower of Fantasy v3.6 is the brand-new map, Aquaville. There’s also an additional story this time, called The Impending Storm. Gear up to fight Hive Mother to mark the end of an era and start a new one.

Aquaville has an amazing backstory tied to the origins of humanity and early tech advancements. Even though it had a rough start, thanks to high-tech gadgets like the Distant Beacon Cabin and the Gravity Rail, Aquaville is slowly coming back to life.

The gravitational function is making a comeback in Aquaville. There’s a ton of mystery around the place with its ruins and industrial zones. Also, expect to encounter hidden secrets that might help beat the Darkness in Domain 9.

Gear up to team up with two new allies Ying Zhao and Fei Lian. Fei is a native creature from Domain 9 while Ying is a combat droid and together, they are getting ready to face two new bosses. If all this sounds exciting, head to the App Store and grab the game. Also, catch a glimpse of the trailer of Beyond Horizons below!

What Else Is New In Tower of Fantasy v3.6?

Version 3.6 is throwing in some nice puzzles and mini-games into the title. Play puzzles related to the Thawing Talisman, an amulet left by an unknown alien civilization. This talisman can charge dark tokens using Aquaville Bright Crystals.

So, are you excited that Tower of Fantasy v3.6 is bringing a boatload of new stuff? Meanwhile, check out our latest scoop Tommy Hilfiger’s Latest Creation Isn’t A Garment; It’s FashionVerse, The Game.