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Genshin Impact Alike Tower of Fantasy Set For A Remake With Players’ Help

I mean, I am amazed! The team behind Tower of Fantasy has cooked up a brilliant idea. Going beyond playing the game, you can now be a part of making the game. Well, at least, you get to be a part of the ideation process. Why and how? Keep reading to know!

Got Any Suggestions?

Level Infinite, the publisher of Tower Fantasy, is planning to give it a new look and feel. But this isn’t going to be a minor tweak, it’ll be a full-fledged reboot of the game from scratch! They dropped a post on their BiliBili account, inviting players to pitch suggestions and changes they would love to see.

A Survey Is The Answer

The team is putting out a survey for players to spill their thoughts. You can chime in your opinions about mimicry characters, weapon designs, combat styles, and more gameplay elements. So, if you’ve any optimization suggestions for Team Tower of Fantasy, head to Bilibili and check out the survey. It’s open till December 7. But if you’re yet to play the game, then here’s more about it.

Tower of Fantasy

It’s an open-world MMORPG. It’s set in the future on a planet called Aida, where people have settled after resources have depleted on Earth. The characters have to pass through the Tower of Fantasy to collect resources. You can play it solo or challenge a friend to some exciting dynamic battles. Oh, but remember that your opponent won’t remember anything after the clash! Download it from the App Store and give the game a try.

With anime-inspired characters and a gacha system, Tower of Fantasy has a bit of a raw edge. Character customization is one of its strengths as it offers tons of features to modify the characters the way you want.  You also get a bunch of weapons to choose from which also impacts your combat style. And, do check out our story on Mr. Traffic which just got a new wardrobe!