Tower of God New World x 7DS Dragon’s Judgement

Tower of God: New World x 7DS: Dragon’s Judgement Crossover Drops Today!

After the Tower of God heroes hit Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross a couple of weeks back, now it’s the 7DS crew’s turn to bring some excitement to Tower of God: New World. If you missed the first crossover, it’s still happening by the way. But let’s focus on this new collab for now, here’s our scoop on Tower of God: New World x 7DS: Dragon’s Judgement!

Who’s Coming To New World?

In the Tower of God: New World x 7DS: Dragon’s Judgement event, the game will have a crossover with Season 4 of 7DS. You can snag Meliodas, Elizabeth and Escanor as SSR units. Meliodas is the protagonist of 7DS and is the Dragon Sin of Wrath and former leader of the Ten Commandments.

Elizabeth is the queen the Kingdom of Liones and Meliodas’s love interest. And finally, Escanor, also known as the Lion’s Sin of Pride, is the strongest Holy Knight in the Kingdom of Liones. Armed with his trusty axe, Rhitta, and wielding the mighty power of Sunshine, he’s not someone you want to mess with!

7DS features characters with remarkable abilities, epic dialogue and awesome gear. So, it’ll be quite exciting to see them in New World. Oh, they’re dishing out a sweet deal where you can snag ten Normal Summon Tickets before February 29, 2024. Head to the official forum of Tower of God: New World to get your hands on it! On that note, take a peek at the crossover below!

A New Story Event

They’re also dropping a new story event called The Tomb of Tortured Souls. From February 22nd, clear the story event and challenge the powerful boss at the Gray Demon Event Boss Battle. Also, take part in various missions, including Guardian’s Test Challenges and Play the Regular Arena.

So, that wraps up our scoop on the Tower of God: New World x 7DS: Dragon’s Judgement. Meanwhile, check out another epic collab: MementoMori x Cryptract x Mitrasphere Crossover Drops Tomorrow!