Featured Image for Tower of God: New World. It features characters from the game like Bam, Ha Yuri, Anaak, and more.

Hunter Raid-Style Game Tower of God: New World Is Having An Epic Crossover!

Netmarble just dropped another crossover for Tower of God: New World with Seven Knights! You can look out for 400 summons and other goodies during this collab. Keep reading to know more.

Knights In The New World

Tower of God: New World is a collectible card RPG with anime art. During the event (December 1 to December 14), you can snag SSR Yeonhee by just checking in! Other SSR characters like Rachel and Shane will also be a part of the Tower of God: New World x Seven Knights crossover.

For the next few days, there are tons of check-in goodies like fluffy pillows, camping tents and soul crystals. The final two days have some ultimate rewards up for grabs! You can earn the Medal of Honor and the Seven Knights Selection Chest. Oh, and in case, you miss out on logging into the game for a day during the event, fret not! You can still grab the next day’s reward by checking in.

A Peek At The Challenges And Events

Grab goodies, clear Rapport levels and collect points by acing the daily challenges while teaming up with Yeonhee or Shane. On top of that, you can take part in the Black Feathers Boss Battle and Khun Khun Arcade Mini Game Event.

The Royal Cook-Off is a Go event will put your cooking skills to the test. If you aren’t a great cook, beware of setting the kitchen on fire! There is also a Royal Cook-Off Shop to cater to all your grocery needs like mushrooms, honey and meat. Well, if you need more details, head to the Netmarble forum.

So, go ahead and get hold of your favourite SSR characters from Seven Knights in Tower of God: New World before the event is over. And, do check out our latest story on the anniversary celebrations of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.