Tower of God: New World. It features the poster for the latest update featuring Ren and Rak.

Tower of God: New World Adds New Teammates SSR+ Ren And SSR Rak

Netmarble just dropped a fresh update for Tower of God: New World. You’ll now have SSR+ [Punisher] Ren and SSR [Compressed] Rak joining the squad. And these guys bring some serious skills and stories to the Tower. Let’s dive into the details!

Welcome Ren And Rak!

Let’s talk about SSR+ [Punisher] Ren first. Ren is a Wave Controller from Zahard’s Royal Enforcement Division, Unit 67. This dude’s a Ranker dealing with some wild instincts. He rocks the Green element and is a Mage and Anima combo.

Then there’s SSR [Compressed] Rak. He’s a Yellow element, Ranged and Spear Bearer. But wait, why’s he pint-sized compared to his previous form? Well, blame it on the squabble with Hansung Yu on Evankhell’s Floor. Rak’s now smaller, and word on the street is his charm’s doubled along with his size! Take a peek at the latest Tower of God: New World update features below!

Events And Quests

They are throwing limited-time events running until February 15. You can dive into the Tower of God universe with the ‘Anaak’s Red Forget-Me-Not’ Story Event. Explore some special stories and free stages, snagging rewards like Normal Summon Tickets, SSR Teammate Soulstones and Red Forget-Me-Not Tickets.

And don’t miss out on Anaak’s Red Forget-Me-Not Story Event Exchange Shop. Trade in those event items for some awesome goodies, like Rak and Red Forget-Me-Not Tickets. Plus, Anaak’s Red Forget-Me-Not Check-in is hooking up you with Compressed Rak Hot Deal Summon Tickets, Normal Summon Tickets and Suspendium. All this just for checking in over the 14-day event!

Feeling up for a little Tower of God: New World detour? Jump into the Khun Khun Arcade Mini-game ‘Climb the Tower’ Event. Tackle some special quests and score Normal Summon Tickets for crushing them. Interested in exploring these new events and quests in Tower of God: New World? Then, head to the App Store and give the game a try!

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