This Trailer for ‘Urban Cowboiz’ Is Hypnotically Weird

Ugh. Mondays are the worst, right? But here’s something that might just help you start your week with a smile. It’s a trailer for a newly released endless runner by the name of Urban Cowboiz, and it’s 60 odd seconds of sheer, unbridled zaniness.

I love it! Check it out:

The game — which I haven’t tried yet — seems pretty cool too. In it, you play as a young Irish Traveller who gallops through the streets of London atop his trusty horse, pulling off crazy tricks in the hopes of gaining a following among onlookers. As far as premises go, that’s pretty dang unique. The stunt-based gameplay and trippy visuals should also help Urban Cowboiz stand out and feel different from other endless runners. If you’re as intrigued by this game as I am, there’s a download link below.

Download Urban Cowboiz from the App Store.