Treasure Seekers 2 Developer Contest

G5 Entertainment, famed for releasing well-built “Find the Hidden Object” titles, released Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases last week. In keeping with the game’s theme of stepping into paintings and exploring the breathtaking worlds inside, G5 has launched a Facebook and Twitter giveaway that asks fans to upload one of their favorite paintings to G5’s Facebook Wall. Whether it be a landscape, portrait, still-life, or Baroque adoration scene, it’ll give you a chance at a free copy of the game!

From G5:  Upload the picture on our Facebook wall, or tweet the answer with a link to this contest( and @g5games at the end.  Next Thursday, January 20th, we’ll select five winners of Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases on the iPhone or iPad!

It appears that the same development team who worked on the Mystery of the Crystal Portal series created this latest piece of art. If their previous work is any indication, Treasure Seekers 2 promises to be gorgeous and wonderfully atmospheric, to the point that I’m still wondering why they haven’t leapt into the Survival Horror genre yet. But if you’re a Find the Hidden Object fan it’ll be right up your alley — better start browsing your personal art gallery!

iFanzine will return with a review of Treasure Seekers 2 later this week. For now, feast your eyes on the release trailer!