Help Kickstart ‘Trial by Viking’, a Terrific Looking Metroidvania-Inspired Action Platformer


Promising to combine elements of Rogue Legacy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, the Metroidvania genre, and even Super Meat Boy –– although not necessarily all at once — Dustin Hendricks’ recently revealed Trial by Viking already has much to live up to. Dustin’s goal is for players to be performing death defying leaps across traps one moment, plumbing every nook and cranny for secrets the next, at other times be charging headfirst into a swath of enemies, and sometimes even be pondering puzzles carefully. All of this constantly shifting action is promised to take place across 130 different entirely hand-crafted levels, populated with 80 unique enemies — 27 different challenging bosses — and a generous helping of discoverable secrets all over the place.

7eeb762af2bc3b1373470652bdc5e9b5_originalChief amongst those aforementioned discoverable secrets will be Trial by Viking’s Sunstones, of which each level will contain a specific amount hidden about in the most unlikely of places. These Sunstones — each of which can only ever be collected a single time — well be the player’s primary incentive for backtracking to earlier stages, seeing as how they are the currency with which all ability upgrades are purchased. Players can — upon gathering them — purchase perks such as: double jumps, frost axes, bombs, everlasting breath, a grappling hook, and even a weaving wand (whatever that is).

Although the game itself currently seems to be shaping up very well, Dustin Hendricks has recently hit the point where he can’t continue progressing forward very well without additional development funds. It was for this reason that he recently approached Kickstarter’s community with a request for $7,000, of which nearly $4,500 has already been donated by various project backers. While things are certainly looking up so far, there still is — with less than two weeks remaining — much work to be done before Trial by Viking’s unclear fate is safely removed from the fires of doubt.

Currently for just $13 — or $10, if you act very quickly — you will not only receive your very own launch day copy of Trial by Viking, you will additionally be listed within the game’s credits (although an iOS version will be upcoming, this reward is PC only). Meanwhile — for those whom donate even further — additional rewards include: digital soundtrack copies, beta tester access, digital production art books, stickers, physical art books, beanies, posters, t-shirts, hoodies, the chance to help name a boss, and more! Finally — should you happen to have an entire extra $500 on hand — your name will proudly appear on the splash screen that displays every time Trial by Viking is booted up, meaning that people everywhere will always know just how much you helped out.

However — should your now find yourself successfully intrigued — it’s important that you remember to properly chip in your donations before September 17th rolls around, or else Dustin Hendricks won’t be ready when Ragnarok finally arrives.