Trials of Mana Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Square Enix has just pushed the go-live button on the mobile version of Trials of Mana – you can go and grab it from the App Store right this second. The game is the remade, console-launched version of a 1995 SNES game, and it looks pretty darn sweet.

You’ve got 3D graphics in this JRPG, plenty of monsters to smash and a deep story to explore. It looks awesome, and there are a few tweaks to make it a bit more palatable for those of us who prefer gaming on the go.

There are a variety of new options, from aut0-target to auto-battle, to make the game simpler on touchscreen. Plus new controls, and some mobile-exclusive goodies as well. Here’s a trailer to give you a better idea of what to expect.

The game is essentially a triple-A-ish console release squodged down into the palm of your hand. So it’s not cheap – the game will set you back $23.99. Still, you’re getting an awesome action RPG with a massive story and a decent chunk of replayability too, so it’s not all that bad.

If you want to give Trials of Mana a go, you can click here to download the game from the App Store right now. It looks lovely, and there are hours and hours of entertainment to sink your face into. What more do you want?