Tropico Has Been Updated With iPhone Support

Feral Interactive has finally updated Tropico with iPhone support, bringing the awesome strategy game to the smaller screen for the first time ever.

It supports iPhones from the 6S upwards, which includes the iPhone SE. We’d love to see a massive strategy game like this on a phone of that size.

Tropico Now Supports iPhones from the 6S Upwards

The UI has seen a total revamp to support the smaller screen though, and you can now minimise certain panels to make life easier for you.

Also included as part of this update is the ability to add up to 12 citizens to your Watchlist, a Screenshot Mode, which hides the UI, and a number of other fixes.

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s the classic strategy game just on iOS. You play as a newly elected leader of an underdeveloped Caribbean island. You can either build it to glory of become a cruel dictator – the choice is yours.

You’ll build stuff, develop your island, and manage every aspect of it. As we mentioned earlier, a big part of the experience is becoming the exact type of leader you want to be.

So head on over to the App Store right now and grab Tropico. It’s well worth a look if you’re a fan of strategy games.