‘TrouserHeart’ Gets iOS 7 Game Controller Support


Briefly: Dicework Games and 10tons’ terrifically fun Action RPG TrouserHeart (our review) is the latest title to be updated with support for the forthcoming iOS 7 ‘MFi’ (Made for iPhone) game controllers. TrouserHeart is a very welcome addition to the burgeoning list of “big name” games – Bastion, Limbo, The Walking Dead, and morethat will be compatible with the new Apple-approved peripherals from the word go.

If you’ve read our recent review of TrouserHeart, you’ll know we actually praised the game’s virtual controls for their tight simplicity and rock solid precision. That said, we can definitely see how its fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay would be a good fit for physical controls too. 10tons’ Jaakko Maaniemi pretty much echoes our sentiments:

While the virtual controllers in Trouserheart are awesome, a physical d-pad and buttons to smash are better. Completing the game on Hardcore with permadeath is now quite a bit more doable.

There’s still no official word on when we’ll see ‘MFi’ game controllers hit the market, but it’s widely believed that their release will coincide with the rumored launch event for Apple’s next iPad(s) later this month.