‘True Skate’ Goes Free for the First Time Ever


For a very limited time only, True Axis are giving iGamers everywhere the chance to download their superb skateboarding sim True Skate totally free of charge. Now, unlike some iPhone and iPad games that bounce between being “free” and “paid” on a pretty regular basis, True Skate has never ever dropped to zero bucks before. It’s also something of an iOS classic, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this deal!

If you’re unfamiliar with True Skate (unlikely I know), the game sees your fingers acting as your feet as you rip around an impressively detailed skate park, using taps and flicks to pull off tricks. Its intuitive controls, amazingly realistic physics, and steep but satisfying learning curve make True Skate a truly fun and compelling title.

As I say, True Skate has achieved classic status at this point. Since its release, the game has attracted a massive fanbase and racked up a slew of amazing reviews from the likes of Pocket Gamer, TouchArcade and IGN, the latter of which dubbed it “the most realistic skateboard sim ever made.”

Download True Skate on the App Store.

Source: Pocket Gamer