Trumpy Con Is a Tribute to Donkey Kong and a Satire of POTUS 45

Not content with disrupting the international order and sending the political world into turmoil, Donald J. Trump has turned his attention to kidnapping. 

That’s the premise behind Trumpy Con, an unapologetically partisan, satirical take on history’s orangest leader. But it’s not just a political satire. It’s also a rad retro arcade game inspired by the timeless Donkey Kong. 

The game casts you as an FBI agent trying, without backup, to free a young woman from the clutches of Donald Trump. In case you’ve never heard of Donkey Kong, the gameplay involves trying to ascend a vertical stage while the hideous Trump-Kong hybrid hurls objects at you. 

The various obstacles you’ll encounter are, of course, dripping with satire, from the pork barrels that Trump chucks at you to the foxes and Matryoshka dolls that patrol the stages, doing Trump’s evil bidding. 

Not only do you need to avoid these hazards but you need to collect clues, too. But your main goal is to get to the top of the stage and rescue that poor woman. 

Alas, for the hapless victim, this just moves the action on to another stage, with Trump still playing captor at the top. 

There are seven stages in Trumpy Con, each of them satirising a different area of social, political, and moral life, from a gleaming skyscraper to a grimy sewer, and even the White House itself. 

The satire is pointed and relentless, but above all Trumpy Con is just a lot of fun to play, with a classic arcade look and feel and tried and tested platformer gameplay. It comes with Bluetooth controller support, too, including the iCade arcade cabinet. 

Trumpy Con is available on iOS right now for just $2.99. It’s a premium release, so there are no IAPs or ads to wade through once you’ve paid the cost of admission. 

Head to the App Store to check it out.