Tuokio and Otto-Ville Ojala Team Up for ‘Party Game Friday’ – Six Fun Games Free Today Only!

pgfBecause nothing says “Happy Friday” quite like a stack of free iOS games, Tuokio and Otto-Ville Ojala have teamed up for ‘Party Game Friday’ — an amazing one-day only promotional campaign in which they’re each giving away a trio of must-have multiplayer party games.

Otto and his pals at Tuokio have very handily put together a page with game links over on ottoojala.com. Or, if you prefer to stick around iFanzine for the time being, here’s the full list of freebies along with App Store links:

  • King of Opera: $1.99 » Free
  • Wrestle Jump: $1.99 » Free
  • Raiding Co: $1.99 » Free
  • Tug the Table: $1.99 » Free
  • BvB Racing: $1.99 » Free
  • Mole Hammers: $1.99 » Free