Turn-Based Strategy Game ‘A Druid’s Duel’ Is Hoping to Magic up Extra Funding on Kickstarter


Something horrible has gone amiss in the Realm of Six Seasons, with weather patterns — and even the very seasons themselves — thrown into total disarray by the actions of unknown forces. In response to this a Druid named Warren — fresh from his training as a member of the Esoteric Order — must venture forth to discover the cause behind all of this imbalance, so that he may restore order once more. However, our hero — in order to accomplish such a daunting task — will have to master the usage of the land’s energy, so that he might transform both himself as well as the world around him.

11So goes the set up to A Druid’s Duel, a turn based strategy game — laden to the gills with a sizable portion of whimsy — from Minneapolis dwelling indie games developer: Kris Szafranski. Self described as a mixture of WormsHero Academy — and Chess, a player’s goal in A Druid’s Duel is to control a location’s mana producing terrain by whatever means necessary. For it is through this mana that Druids are able to transform themselves into fearsome animal creatures, as well as exert their will upon the realm to change the very landscape itself.

The single player campaign is planned to follow Warren though more than fifty different locations, complete with a branching storyline that will take him across the entire Realm of Six Seasons. Meanwhile, friends will be able to engage in complete druidic smack downs against each other via either local multiplayer — which involves passing the controls around — or asynchronously online. Kris Szafranski has even stated plans to implement a tournament league based system into the game’s online multiplayer, complete with fully functional score boards and ladder driven opponent matching.

While Kris has already put over six months of work into A Druid’s Duel — resulting in a currently free to download PC/Mac demo — in order to properly finish the title he will need to hire talented artists and composers, both of which cost money. It is for this reason that he recently launched a Kickstarter seeking to secure a grand total of $7,000 in development funds, of which over $1,000 has already been secured in less than two days. While A Druid’s Duel certainly seems to be off to a healthy start, there’s still a long ways to go if the game is going to achieve full funding within the next 28 days (not to mention the feature expanding stretch goals beyond that).

6Those whom wish to aid Warren on his journey — or perhaps just have a shape changing fight with their friends — can secure their own copy of A Druid’s Duel, as well as their name in the game’s credits, all for just $15. Furthermore — for those whom act fast enough — there is even an early adopter’s option to acquire the game for a mere $10, although this option does not include your name becoming forever immortalized. Meanwhile, the more generous backers of druidic-kind will have the chance to receive rewards such as: soundtrack downloads, beta access, and even the opportunity to help design the game!

Those whom are now intrigued by the plans that Kris Szafranski has set forth should be sure to keep in mind that the Kickstarter for A Druid’s Duel has been set to end on April 9th.