Twisty Action Puzzler Euclidean Skies is Dirt Cheap Right Now

Euclidean Skies is an intriguing mix of perspective-shifting puzzler and turn-based battling, and right now you can pick it up for a ridiculously low price. Is it worth the investment? We certainly think so.

The game is the sequel to Euclidean Lands and sees you moving through a series of gorgeous levels, twisting them around and changing your perspective as you go. There are shades of the Go series here, as well as Monument Valley.

Each level is a self-contained puzzle that sees you taking on dangerous monsters, avoiding deadly hazards and loads more. Here’s a trailer.

There are 40 levels to work through, with boss fights and achievements thrown in too. Oh, and there’s a slick AR mode if that’s your cup of tea as well. Everything is polished and poised and it’s hard to put down.

And right now the game will set you back just 99c. That’s a bargain if ever we’ve seen one. Click here and you can download Euclidean Skies from the App Store for that stupidly low price.