Two New Games Added to Apple Arcade – Gear.Club Stradale and Sonic Dash+

It’s a bumper week for new Apple Arcade releases – there are two, and one of them is a brand new game designed specifically for Apple Arcade players. So that’s pretty cool. What are the games? Well, there’s Gear.Club Stradale and Sonic Dash+

We’ll start off with Gear.Club Stradale. It’s a brand new, hyper-detailed racing experience set in Italy. You’re living in a villa and driving some of the most powerful cars ever made. You can set up a club with your friends, competing in challenges to add to your impressive garage.

It looks absolutely stunning, and there’s plenty to do – whether it’s upgrading your tuning facilities to eke as much power as you can out of your supercars, or just roaring through the beautiful Italian scenery at break-neck speed.

And then there’s Sonic Dash+. It’s an endless runner that’s been kicking about on the App Store for a while, but now you can play it without ads or IAPs. It’s slick and speedy, as you’d expect from a modern Sonic game, and it’s actually a decent chunk of fun.

It’s got boss fights, it’s got new characters to unlock and, while it’s not the most challenging game in the world, there’s enough meat on its bones to keep you entertained. Here’s a trailer for the game’s original release.

You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play the games, but it’s really good to see a totally new experience landing on the service. Here are some download links so you can grab the games from the App Store.