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Type Soul Purple Pill Guide

First an overhaul, now a new massive update! Over the weekend, Type Soul introduced a new item called the Purple Pill. What does this Pill do that the Red and Blue Pill can’t? This Type Soul Purple Pill Guide tells you how to get this item, and what it’s capable of!

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Type Soul Purple Pill Guide

The Purple Pill isn’t a blend of Red and Blue despite the colour suggesting that. This Pill Item is used to reset your Essence in the game. Unlike the Blue Pill which removes your Essence on use, the Purple Pill will simply reset it.

From the looks of things, Essences are essential (pardon the pun), for greatly increasing specific stat boosts. Being infused with a particular Essence offers you an increase in that set skill. As more information is uncovered I will update this guide. So for the time being I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back!

Type Soul Essences

Known Essences so far:

  • Hollow Essence
  • Horizon Essence
  • Kendo Essence
  • Hakuda Essence
  • Partial Res Essence
  • Crazed Essence
  • Speed Essence

How To Get A Purple Pill

At the time of writing, the obtainment of the Purple Pill is unknown. Chances are it will be a Raid drop or purchased from the KT Store, which only opens for a brief period after a successful Karakura Town Raid.

About Type Soul

Inspired by the hit anime Bleach comes Type Soul. Choose one of three factions and explore the vast world in this open-world RPG full of foes, fights and faction raids! There are so many pathways to choose from depending on your preferred playstyle, bosses and insane loot to find.