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Type Soul Soul Ticket Guide

Tickets, please! My Type Soul Soul Ticket Guide tells you exactly what these tickets do, and how you can get them in a few different ways, including how to use them since the process isn’t straightforward either.

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Type Soul Soul Ticket Guide

Soul Tickets are one of two ways to change your race within Type Soul. The other would be to purchase a new race slot from the menu page for 200 Robux. If you don’t want to part with your hard-earned Robux then Soul Tickets are your ticket to a reset!

After using a Soul Ticket you’ll commit to what’s known as a “Wipe” in the game. This process does what it says on the tin – wipes your character save. To use a Soul Ticket, access it from your inventory, equip it and select “use”.

If the ticket is locked, this means the game is preventing a race change until a certain point. For example, a Hollow user will need to pull off their mask and become an Arrancar before they can use a Soul Ticket.

How To Get Soul Tickets

These powerful items aren’t easy to source. Soul Tickets are a Mythical rarity item regardless of how you grind to obtain it. I’d recommend trading for it, personally. However, if you fancy a grind you can also get your hands on it one of the following ways:

  • Purchase the Ticket for 500 Robux.
  • Cull the Jidanbo Boss (Located in Soul Society with a 1hr 30 minute spawn rate).
  • Cull the Bawabawa Boss (Located in Hueco Mundo with a 1hr 30 minute spawn rate).