Ubisoft’s Anticipated Clash of Beasts Smashes onto the App Store and Google Play

Clash of Beasts, Ubisoft’s latest mobile game, is available right now for iOS and Android.

Created by Ubisoft’s Abu Dhabi studio, Clash of Beasts is a visually impressive tower defense strategy game. The aim is to attack settlements with a diverse array of gigantic monsters, and to defend your own stronghold from attacks by other players’ beasts. 

You play as a mercenary blessed with the Beastmaster’s Spark, which is what allows you to command the game’s menagerie of titans. 

It all begins after you travel to the New World to join your mother, Lara Moldern, who is an even more legendary mercenary than you. Disaster strikes. Moldern’s stronghold is attacked by the evil Gideon Morvus, and she falls in battle. 

Worse, Morvus steals her Spark, and he’s on a bloody quest to obtain more. It’s up to you to stop him. 

In practice, that means summoning beasts using Soulstones, heading into battle, and ploughing the currency, items, and XP you earn into summoning more beasts and levelling them up to the max. Clash of Beasts has its own unique breeding system too, allowing you to breed your own mighty beasts – but you can also match different pairs of beasts together.

These beasts are enormous and impressively rendered in 3D. Even more impressively, there are 65 of them to collect, across four classes and five affinities that you can combine for synergistic advantages. 

Plus, each beast has its own individual attacks and spells, resulting in an incalculable number of tactical permutations. 

And that’s just on the attacking side of things. Clash of Beasts also boasts a deep tower defense component that sees you defending your base from attacks by other players’ beasts. 

You’ve got twelve different towers to play with, and their effects span the spectrum from debuffing poison to stunning enemies. Towers have affinities, too, allowing you to look for synergies and match your towers with your assailants’ beasts. 

There’s a lot to consider in Clash of Beasts, making it an intriguing strategy game prospect. It looks great, too, thanks to its God of War-esque cast of hulking mythical beasts. 

You can download Clash of Beasts for free on Android and iOS. By downloading the game before the 24th of January 2022 you can get your hands on an exclusive avatar and 150 soul shards.

To discover more about the lore of the game, you can also head on over to the Clash of Beasts official site and Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch accounts.