Featured Image for our news on UFO99. It features a bunch of colourful 2D characters from the game on a turquoise background.

This Season, Grab Your Christmas Tree From UFO99!

UFO99 is sleighing it with some holiday cheer this Christmas! The game’s latest update ‘Snowball Battle’ is all things Christmas. With the event, they’re making sure that you dive into some snow-filled chaos from December 15 to January 5, 2024!

Snowball Fights With Snowman, For Real?

Of course, it’s real! Have epic snowball fights with your sneaky foes, the Snowmen. Honestly, who’d have ever thought that snowmen could become our enemies? Bad times, huh? So, knock them out, and snag the Santa Claus-themed event currency.

Use your earnings to hit up the Christmas Gashapon Machine to grab some cool characters like Reindeer, Christmas Elves, Ice Witch, Gingerbread Man, and even a Polar Bear. It’s like building your dream Christmas troop! Oh, and there’s a secret character lurking around. Want to know who? Then, beat the final Evil Snowman boss!

It’s Christmas, so obviously there’s a Christmas tree. Get the Rainbow Christmas Tree from the store and decorate it with jingly ornaments. Not enough Santa Claus currency to buy it? No problem! Just watch a few ads and it’ll be yours! Catch a glimpse of the Snowball Battle here!

Met The ETs In The UFO99?

UFO99 is a casual pick-up-and-play style arcade game with gacha elements. It has appealing 2D artwork and is full of adorable characters. You have to dodge a bunch of hurdles while picking up items to smash things around the map. You earn in-game currencies by doing so, which you can use to grab more characters and goodies.

A universe bursting with colours, it has over 60 cute characters to choose from. Koalas, bunnies, hedgehogs, crocs, seahorses, you name it! If you haven’t tried the game yet, go and get it from the App Store now!

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