Ultra Blade Halloween Update

Vampire Survivor’s-Like Ultra Blade Gets a Big Halloween Update

What’s so special about Halloween this year? Well, Ultra Blade, which launched in early 2023, is getting a Halloween update this Thursday on both iOS and Android. The Ultra Blade Halloween update is set to be an amazing treat for those who have been defending the last city of mankind from the hordes of dark evils.

Ultra Blade is a hack-and-slash rogue-like RPG where you wield massive weapons against enemies. It’s the brainchild of developer Kyle Barrett of ‘Immortal Rogue and Blast Waves’ fame. It’s a game with simple mechanics yet deep gameplay and gives you an experience similar to Vampire Survivors.

Ultra Blade Halloween Update: What’s New?

The features of the Ultra Blade Halloween update will include:

  • A new survivors-like platformer mode
  • A rogue-like Dungeon biome
  • Four new challenge levels
  • Seven new enemies
  • One new boss
  • ne new challenge core that populates every world with robust enemies
  • A rework for the Teleport skill.

What is Ultra Blade?

Ultra Blade challenges you to take down masses of enemies with thousands of weapon and ability combinations. The game allows you to choose how you slay the enemies, by dodging or heavy attacking. Also, you get six different weapon types: swords, guns, staves, lances, bows and shields.

Each weapon further comes with a surprise element that gives you an edge over your enemies. With a long list of new features in the Halloween update, you can expect the hack-and-slash game to become more thrilling.

Ultra Blade is a one-time purchase game with unlimited replayability and provides short, action-packed sessions. It’s available on the App Store for iOS at $2.99 and holds a rating of 4.4 stars. If you’re a fan of hack-and-slash games, then you should give Ultra Blade a try. And if you already play Ultra Blade, then the experience is only going to get more exciting with the upcoming update.