Undecember, the Highly Anticipated Diablo-Esque ARPG from LINE Games, Has Launched Worldwide on Mobile on PC

Undecember, from Exos Heroes publisher LINE Games, is out globally on iOS, Android, and Steam. 

Available in South Korea since January, Undecember is one of the most hyped ARPGs of 2022. This is thanks in no small part to its blistering presentation, which you can gawp at in the trailer below.

Undecember is a hack-and-slash RPG in the tradition of the Diablo series. Except it’s free, and you can play it cross-platform between PC and mobile. 

The setting of Undecember is Traum, a fictional world created by 12 divine beings. These benevolent gods live in Traum alongside their mortal descendants until an evil 13th god called Serpens slithers out from their shadows and starts trying to destroy everything. 

Don’t worry. The good guys win, but only by returning to the void and taking Serpens with them. Fortunately for you, Traum is still littered with the Runes that you’ll need to keep Serpens at bay.

Runes to make you ever more powerful, and ever more capable of pounding the game’s endless swarms of monsters into dust. 

On the face of it, Undecember is just a very good-looking action-RPG, with the usual hack-and-slash gameplay. Look closer, however, and you’ll find some truly innovative features. 

Most notable is Undecember’s unique classless growth system. Rather than picking a class at the outset you can just cultivate your character by equipping Skill Runes and Gear.

There are over a hundred Skill Runes to equip, and every one of them is modifiable with Link Runes. This alone gives Undecember a mind-boggling degree of customizability, but there’s more. 

The game also boasts a Zodiac upgrade system, which lets you plough the Stat and Trait points you earn by leveling up into upgrading your character. 

Then there’s the epic story, which currently spans ten distinct Acts. Plus, there are several modes to dip into when you don’t fancy the main campaign, including Chaos Dungeon, Void Rift, Spire of Barrier, and several different co-op Raids. 

For the first week after launch, LINE Games is holding a launch event. This lets you claim free goodies through daily logins and special missions, giving you the best possible start in your long struggle to defeat Serpens. 

To get your campaign underway, head to Steam, the App Store, or Google Play and download Undecember for free right now.