‘Unkilled’ Fans Have Racked up 1000 Years of Gameplay in Just 10 Days


Although my iOS gaming tastes tend more toward mellow indie fare like Monument Valley or Alto’s Adventure these days, I do still have a soft spot for the occasional high-octane zombie shooter. I mean, gliding down a mountainside of freshly fallen snow as the sun gently sets to strains of piano music and birdsong is nice and all, but sometimes you just want to grab an AK-47 and let off some steam by gunning down slobbering hordes of undead, right?

My current go-to game for a fix of this kind of mindless-but-fun zombie killing action is Madfinger’s recently released spiritual successor to the Dead Trigger series, Unkilled. I’m hardly alone in enjoying Unkilled either, as Madfinger just announced that the game received a whopping 3 million downloads within 10 days of its launch. Impressive!

To celebrate this achievement, Madfinger has put together a really neat infographic that lays out just how well Unkilled is performing with players. Check it out:

Unkilled Infographic

If you don’t already count yourself among Unkilled’s millions-strong fanbase, hit the link below to grab yourself a copy of the game for iOS.

Download Unkilled from the App Store.