‘Unlonely’ Finally Gets a Release Date… and It’s Soon!

Well folks, the wait is almost over. Rinikulous Games’ Nik Mihaylov revealed on Twitter over the weekend that Unlonely (aka the first game ever to feature the very website you’re reading in a starring role) is set to launch on the App Store next month, on September 22. For obvious reasons, we here at iFanzine are very, very excited by this news!

For anyone who’s just hearing about Unlonely for the first time, the gist of the game is that it’s a sorta-sequel to Lonely Sun that features levels inspired by and styled after a bunch of indie-friendly review sites and influential mobile gaming pundits. The list of cool people involved in the project includes: iFanzine (that’s us!), GameSkinny, Snapzilla, IndieHangover, Indie Game Launchpad, Jupiter Hadley, Mike Brown, and Glen Forbes.

Naturally, we’ll be doing our damnedest to cover every last morsel of Unlonely news in the lead-up to the game’s release. However, just in case we miss anything, you should also follow @rinikulous and @RinikulousGames on Twitter.